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  1. 御社HP上で、浅岡 肇氏の記事を拝見しご連絡を差し上げました。

    • 斉藤様

  2. Hello, my Name is Thorben and i am a Sinn-Collector from germany. I am searching for the U2S Meisterbund III. Can you please tell me how many of these models are made in the S variant and how many of them with red and how many with black minute track? Are the black models in addition to the 80 SDR models or have the SDR models been converted? Thank you in advance greetings. Thorben Meier

    • Hi, Thorben Meier-san
      You think it’s great to be a collector of Sinn in Germany.
      By the way, about [Sinn.U2.SDR.Meisterbund III] which we had a question about this time, [Sinn.U2.SDR.Meisterbund III] was made of two models with different dials.
      One model has 80 pieces of the Minute Indexes printed in gray, and the other has 20 pieces of the Minute Indexes printed in red.
      In addition, we sold 30 pieces of [Sinn.U2.S.Meisterbund III] with red Minute Index printed as “Watch Shop KOYANAGi” model.

      • Hey, thanks a lot for your answer and Great Information the U2 Meisterbund III. Additional sometimes there are U2 S Meisterbund III with the grey Minute Marker. Do you know something about this Version. Right know a seller from the USA offered me ohne of These Versions with all Papers of the Meisterbund.
        Have you any Tipps for me to get an Koyanagi Version with red markers of the Meisterbund.
        Best regards

        • Hi, Mr. Thorben Meier.
          Regarding Sinn.U2.S MeisterBund, in the past, only in Japan, Sinn.U2.SDR MeisterBund III had two dials and three types of Sinn.U2.S MeisterBund III original by Koyanagi Watch Shop. However, all are already sold out.

  3. はじめまして。御社のHPにて浅岡氏の時計について拝見いたしました。


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